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Building a community of Changemakers with growth mindset to unleash the potential of young people, uplifting their lives and reducing youth unemployment.

Tackling poor mental health issues, suicide cases and break inherited poverty.

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A social enterprise providing consultancy, education and training services

Are you looking for an impactful and practical CSR project for 2024?

Let’s work together to uplift the life of drop outs and decrease unemployment amongst youths in Malaysia and globally. 

With a combined 50 years of working experience in the corporate world, we are dedicated to instil Growth Mindset skills to create self-awareness and self-mastery by broadening and deepening the skill sets of individuals including young people for them to conquer their fears to achieve fullest potential to be Changemakers, Growth Mindset Communicators, Confident Leaders and Independent Lifelong Learners.

Investing in young people, through training, jobs and skills, helps develop human capital and is the key to breaking the inherited poverty cycle and low-skilled workforce by conducting various education and economic empowerment programmes to help empower communities to improve community livelihood.

Our training programmes will be detailed in an Impact Measurement Report (IMR) to measure social impact for you to track how our programme has helped build character and change the behaviour of young people.

Recognised as Social Enterprise Basic by Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC).  This is in line with Malaysia’s Social Enterprise Blueprint 2023 and Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) to tackle the rise in youth unemployment and decline in young people’s quality of life.


A world where individuals are thriving as Changemakers, for them and in serving others, to lead quality lives with greater meaning, impact and purpose.


To build a community of Changemakers through a training hub offering education and training programmes, in Malaysia and South East Asia, to help individuals, including women and young people, to instil the power of growth mindset to map their path in achieving business, career and life success.


For Companies & Organisations

We are ConsultantsTrainers and Speakers to help CSR teams to be Changemakers by planing, delivering and measuring impactful social projects including educational, 
economic empowerment and training programmes to help young people, in poor communities, to build their character using the magic of Growth Mindset and Social Entrepreneurship to achieve success. 

We also help organisations to build community and employee engagement through Growth Mindset and Social Entrepreneurship communication.


For Young People

We are Growth Mindset and Communication Trainers and Speakers dedicated to teach and guide:







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