Igniting Minds, Enriching Lives

We Help Tackle Today's
Learning Crisis in South East Asia

Who We Are

A training and consultancy
Social Enterprise

 Vision – Communities in South East Asia filled with active citizens and independent lifelong learners leading better lives.

 Mission – Help individuals to unleash their potential 
to achieve the impossible. 

Problem Statement:

There is a learning crisis in Indonesia and Malaysia, where the children and youth are severely affected.

In Indonesia, there is a low literacy level in low-income households. Student drop out rate is high as students start working early to earn money to help their families put food on the table.

In Malaysia, over 400,000 children suffer from mental disorders. School drop out rate is over 10% amongst Orang Asli children. Most of these students drop out of school before they can take their SPM exams. For those SPM graduates, 72% of them do not want to further their studies.

We need to motivate learners to enjoy learning through fun and engaging activities, games and exercises in order for them to become confident, critical thinkers, creative communicators and independent lifelong learners.

It is clear that there is a pressing need to tackle the learning crisis in Indonesia and Malaysia, and inspiraComm has the solution for this.

What Do We Do

For Companies and Organisations: 

We are Consultants to help plan, deliver and measure impactful educational projects,
 including organising and managing impact trips for experiential learning.

For Individuals:  

At inspiraComm, we help develop children and youths to achieve their fullest potential through the following ways:

  • motivating students to go back to school
  • encouraging students and youths to enjoy learning and have a life purpose
  • instil skills to increase self-confidence and awareness
  • develop growth mindset to consistently improve themselves
  • cultivate good habits and positive affirmations to overcome self-doubt

Our project is engaging, enabling and empowering the inquiring minds of our beneficiaries so that they become confident in learning new skills, knowledge and gain new experiences to be lifelong learners to make a positive impact in their lives, their families and communities.

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