Empower Young People to Unleash Their Greatness in Leading More Meaningful Lives


For Companies & Organisations

As speakers and trainers, we help to:
  • Build Community Engagement
  • Create a sustainable community project
  • Plan, deliver and measure social impact.

For Young People

We help young people to leverage on growth mindset skills for character building to develop:

  • Confident leaders
  • Creative Communicators
  • Independent lifelong learners







Training Programmes with Growth Mindset

Personal Mastery, Career Guidance and Impact Trips

Some individuals naturally thrive in learning because conventional studying method works for them. Other individuals struggle in learning when they are unable to find a method of studying that works for them.   

Our programmes include Personal Mastery, Career Guidance and Impact Trips to help learners unleash their potential and apply it towards a better learning experience.  

Personal Mastery

Innovative Approach and engaging activities and games to develop Achievers

Career Guidance

Provide a variety of industrial-based exposure programmes to allow students to explore and stimulate their interests in jobs, skills, careers and lifelong learning.

Impact Trips

Out-of-classroom to help learners connect the dots between academic understanding and experiential comprehension. 

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We instil life skills using the growth mindset methodology by including fun A.G.E – activities, games and exercises to guide young people  to have a life purpose so that they can make great life choices and help them navigate to find their passion in the real-world.

Our learners receive new knowledgeskills and discover new experiences, through a practical journey and can excel in their own way. 

Experiential learning – Learn to do, to be, to know, to earn and to live together. 


Short-term Impact

Young people instil Growth Mindset skills, become confident and resilient social entrepreneurs to help solve real-world problems

Long-term Impact

To be successful social entrepreneurs and future-ready leaders to lead meaningful lives and impact others.


Mindset Shift for Secondary School Students

In 2022, Malaysian Ministry of Education reported that 30,000 students did not sit for SPM examination. Our nation is facing a rise in drop-outs, mental health and social issues amongst secondary school students, leading to youth unemployment.

This programme unlocks the greatness of students by instilling growth mindset to unleash their potential with mentoring to provide proper guidance and support.

Students will learn to be:

  1. Active citizens
  2. Creative communicators
  3. Confident leaders to ask questions and speak up
  4. Independent lifelong learners
  5. Future-ready leaders
  6. Resilient

Lifelong Learning IT

The Lifelong Learning IT (LIT) is a digital literacy programme to educate the basic IT skills to school children. Modules include the usage of Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel to prepare age-appropriate projects for the children to understand the functions and technical skills relating to their learning.

It provides access to quality IT education (SDG#9) for the Orang Asli (indigenous) and the underprivileged B40 students.

This programme is delivered under the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities initiative. Our partner, the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ), is one of the global network members.

Young People

Social Entrepreneurship

Learn to do good and make money:

Suitable for aspiring social entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs to gain skills and knowledge to start a social enterprise.

Turn your life purpose into reality to make profits.

Personal Mastery

Help Young People to Improve and Believe in Themselves

Innovative learning approach and engaging activities to develop Achievers -  Unlocking limiting beliefs, mental blocks and internal challenges.

The workshops give an opportunity for students to gain new knowledge, skills and experience first-hand on how to make informed decisions and choices to instil positive behaviour and attitudes to be a better person.

We provide training, coaching and mentoring with emotional and motivational support in a nurturing environment with customised age-appropriate activities and tools to create curiosity and excitement to be better students in self-mastery, self-motivation and self-discipline.

Modules include:

  • Active Listening
  • Communication
  • Growth Mindset
  • IT literacy
  • Leadership
  • Life skills
  • Pitching and Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Study Skills

Career Guidance

Mentoring & Coaching – To prepare for internships or work.

Learning, growing, and most importantly, preparing for life and a career is all part of growing up.

We help guide and advise youths to prepare them for internships or their first job. We have experienced the journey working in the corporate world and business setting.

learning out-of-classroom

Impact Trips

We organise impact trips to enhance learning out-of-classroom to gain exposure by connecting the dots between academic understanding and experiential comprehension for exposure to the real-world.

Trips include:

  • Forensic Faculty, UKM
  • Holidays camps
  • Kidzania
  • Mangrove Planting
  • Multimedia University (MMU)
  • MRT Train Depo, Kelana Jaya
  • Shah Alam Library
  • Visits to other Social Enterprises
  • Visit to Mana Earthly Paradise in Bali.

Our workshops are also extended to holiday camps and Sustainability Trips, both locally and internationally, focussing on environment curated to make sustainability inspiring, engaging and actionable.