Be a Changemaker with Growth Mindset Training

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How to Plan, Deliver and Measure Social Impact to Improve Corporate Reputation

Are you a Corporate Communications or Sustainability professional looking to enhance your corporate giving projects?

Here is the solution for you.

As a social entrepreneur of over 8 years and an experienced corporate communications professional with over 23 years of working experience, I have discovered the GROWTH strategy for you to transition from one-off to long-term CSR projects to create better social impact.

I also teach university students on Corporate Reputation Management using CSR and my social enterprise as case studies.

I conduct specially designed interactive trainings and workshops to help you plan, deliver and measure social impact using various successful models with action taking steps.

The best part is?

You’ll be strategizing, creating, and breaking through to ultimately improve corporate reputation for your company.

Contact me for more info and I am most happy to discuss on how I can help you improve your corporate giving.