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We help underprivileged students conquer their fears

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Since 2017, we at inspiraComm have identified various fears highlighted by primary students especially from the underprivileged communities.

Amongst the fears are:

1.   Saya takut (I am scared)

2.  Saya takut dibuli (I am afraid of being bullied)

3.  Saya takut dihina (I am afraid of being insulted)

4.  Saya takut orang pukul  (I am afraid others beat me)

5.  Saya takut bercakap di depan (I am afraid to speak at the front)

6  Saya tak bersedia untuk ke sekolah menengah (I am not ready to enter secondary school)

Anxieties, fears and stress are normal in all of us and it starts from our childhood.  So, students need to learn how to overcome their fears and ultimately conquer them so that they can be themselves and thrive to be a better person.

What we do is we help students from primary level to teach them to pay attention to how their body feels, how do they breathe and what their mind is saying to themselves when they feel fear starts to creep in.  This is when you need to be self-aware of the negative self-talk.

There are strategies, which we teach in our programmes to ensure even school students can easily follow and do the techniques in creating positive outcomes of their actions.

Today, this is very important and it needs to be implemented widely as there has been an increase in the number of young people suffering from poor mental health and being unhappy leading to suicide rates.

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