Motivation vs Transformation

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There is a huge difference between motivation and transformation.

Motivation refers to the process of motivating individuals to take action in order achieve a goal.  It basically means fueling a person’s behaviour based on his or her needs, desires or wants – a driving force for someone to understand the meaning of why they need to do something.  Motivation works well if there is immediate reward to get the individual to keep going to achieve his or her goal.

On the other hand, transformation refers to a dramatic process of a change that took place.  This can be a positive or negative transformation.  This could be a short or long term effect.

At inspiraComm, we started to encourage individual transformation since 2020.  We started our pilot project in 2018 and made some changes in our modules.  We find that individual transformation, which refers to an internal shift that bring us in alignment with our highest potential, can achieve greater things.  Since then, this is the core of all our programmes as it is a major aspect of our lives.  It affects how we see and relate to the world, people around us and how we understand our place in the world for it to be more meaningful.

Motivation can be a one-off but less effective way for creating change in behaviour for long term unless immediate rewards are in place or the individual has a sense of control and self-awareness.  Transformation can create a better impact when there is consistency within a supportive environment with the proper guidance and progress monitoring. 

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