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Cultivating Good Habits in School Students

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Students were taught to differentiate between good and bad habits.  They were also introduced new good habits, which were unknown to them.

Based on the good habits list, they created a timetable to incorporate the good habits into their daily home timetable.

According to our findings, many school students do not know how to prepare a home timetable.  Once they understood why it is important to have a home timetable and why they need to do things consistently, then they were excited to prepare their own home timetable to suit their routine activities.

It was important for them to know that they can include leisure activities, ample hours of rest and sleep as well as allocate time to complete their homework.

Initially, it was a challenge for the students to change their behaviour to follow their home timetable.  But for some with self-awareness and strong determination, they appreciated the exercise and had some guidance to know how to succeed in their life.

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